Kantele musician


Juulia Pölönen is a professional kantele artist, active performer and chamber musician who is especially known for her contemporary music repertoire, improvisation and highly developed skills of making various kinds of music with kantele. Juulia won the 3rd International Kantele Competition In 2015, receiving an honorary distinction for her performance of the virtuosic kantele solo piece Toccata by Pekka Jalkanen.


Juulia has performed in Finland, Czech Republic, Malta, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and the UK. Since 2016 Juulia has been employed as a musician to perform for the thousands of international visitors in the Rock Church of Helsinki. She is currently working as a kantele teacher in several music schools. Juulia graduated as Master of Music from the Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts in 2017. She has worked with and premiered pieces by composers J-T Vesikkala-Wittmacher, Heidi Hassinen, Dante Thelestam, Esa Ylivaara, Perttu Pölönen, Patrik Kako and Michaela Augustinová.





Most concerts canceled due to covid-19 . Stay tuned for more concerts in 2021!

19.11 at 19.00 Rinnakkaistodellisuuksia - konsertti, Carelia-sali, Joensuu / Trio Lumos ja Joensuun kaupunginorkesteri, joht. Laura Linkola.

15.12 Private event, Mieli ry

15.12 at 19.00 Kom kär jul / Tule joulu kultainen - streamed concert from Porvoo cathedral (Porvoon tuomiokirkko).


14.8 klo 18.00 Kalkkeen meri ahtona - konsertti harmonikkataiteilija Timo Kinnusen kanssa, Oulun tuomiokirkko.

13.10 klo 19.00 Sibbe live: Ua hoi! - konsertti Turun Sibelius-museossa osana Suomen solistiyhdistyksen maakunnallisten konserttien sarjaa. Duo Eija Kankaanranta ja Juulia Pölönen.



1.2 Arctic Paradise Contemporary / Helsinki

30.3 Kulttuurikeskus Studium Catholicum / Helsinki

5.4 4H-SÄÄTIÖ / Helsinki

6.-7.4 Karjalan sivistysseuran heimopäivät / Jyväskylä

29.4 at 18.00 Tuokiokuvia kolmella kanteleella. Atmospheres concert with three solo kanteles / Puotilan kappeli, Helsinki

3.5 at 17.00 V International Kantele competition's opening concert / Turku Conservatoire

27.5 at 10-12 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

28.5 at 10-12 & 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

30.5 at 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

3.-4.6 at 10-12 & 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

5.6 at 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

21.6 at 18 Espoon tuomiokirkkoseurakunnan juhannusjuhla, Auroran kappeli / Espoo

24.-28.6 at 10-12 & 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

29.6 at 10-12 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

7.7 at 18 Final Concert of the Chamber Music course. Duo Juulia Pölönen & Janne Savela. Time of Music Summer Academy / Viitasaari

9.7 at 10-12 & 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

31.7 at 10-12 & 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

1.8 at 10-12 & 13-15 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

2.-3.8 at 10-12 Temppeliaukio Church / Helsinki

25.8 Private event / Helsinki

27.8 at 19 Sattuma-Klubi / Helsinki

26.10 at 17 Kantele and guitar concert, Monikko / Klaukkala

30.10 Most Praha - Helsinky solo concert. The Academy of Performing Arts / Prague, Czech

3.11 Sounds of Kantele, Three Palaces Festival / Valletta, Malta

15.12 at 15 Experimental Christmas Concert with accordionist Timo Kinnunen / Botanical garden, Oulu



Duo Juulia Pölönen and Janne Savela is a unique combination of kantele and vibraphone, marimba or other percussion instruments. With a multitude of range, color and style, this versatile duo moves from classical and contemporary music to traditional and ethnic music seamlessly. Pölönen and Savela are interested in creating new sounds with the many combinations of kantele and different percussion instruments while exploring musical boundaries with passion, intrigue and authenticity.

OrigiNova Ensemble  is a chamber music ensemble that consists of violin, viola, cello, kantele and piano. This unique ensemble is specialized in improvisation through which it offers a new, round and rich sound full of variety and color. The ensemble members, are passionate about creating innovative and interactive concert experiences through classical repertoire and improvisation as well as borrowing elements from traditional music. OrigiNova Ensemble has performed in Finland and the UK.